Ultimate Service Agreement
                           Parts and Labor Service Agreement

The Ultimate Service Agreement is the best way you can invest in the security of your heating and cooling equipment. The plan covers most parts and labor for your furnace, boiler, and air conditioning systems. So when you need an unexpected repair on your furnace, boiler or AC, there is no need to shell out labor and parts fees.

 The USA agreement includes most parts and labor coverage (detailed coverage listed below) with only one exception: when the repair part is unavailable or when the total repair cost, in the companies opinion exceeds the value of the existing system. You have the option to accept a $300 credit towards the purchase of a new system from us or to receive a pro-rata refund of this year's policy.

The ultimate service plan includes one free maintenance visit a year per system covered. The maintenance visit is a preventative precision tune-up and professional cleaning. All new sign-ups must have their maintenance visit completed within 30-days to ensure that your heating and AC system is in proper working order prior to receiving the full benefits of the contract. You can find the details about the maintenance visit on our Energy Savings Agreement page. 

Each system covered costs $199 (Call for commercial pricing). Don't forget it includes our Energy Saving Agreement which is valued at $88.95 per system.  To sign up, call us at 732-270-6200 or email us at Alltempmechanical@comcast.net and ask for a copy of the agreement.